Friday, August 3, 2012

The Love Book

To start this project I used my Instant Oatmeal box and cut the top and bottom leaving the flaps which make the spine of the book.  Over lap the flaps.
Then I covered the front and back and the inside spine I covered with a separate piece.  It closes better that way.
The front and back panel measure 7.5x4.5 and the spine measures 2"
I cut the pages 4x6 gluing two together and leaving the top open to add a tag.
Using the Bind It All to join the pages to the cover. I use twelve holes the length of the page to make is secure while turning the pages. Then just have fun decorating it.  I will do a video on the next one.  I will post when I have it done on Face Book.


  1. It sure is a lovely book. Love the colors and the technique you describe on putting together genius.

    Hugs Nana

  2. Beautiful book great colors. I have yet to use my bind it all. You have inspired me
    DIANA L.

  3. This is beautiful, Barb! If I'm understanding it correctly, both sides fold up to form the book that has a 2" spine? What a fantastic creation!

  4. Love it!!You did an Amazing job!!!Fabulous and Fun!