Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Six Pack

We had a little fun today with the doggies. Or should I say I had a little fun making their hats and then getting them ready to shoot the picture and the video which is on my face book page. Hope you enjoy my babies and their Happy Valentine Hats. They were rewarded with Daddy's Heart Cookies he makes for them. True Love.

I cut an 8" circle and flood filled it with the Yummy cartridge. Cut the circle in half and made two from the one circle. Fit them really good. Added a feather and elastic band it off to the party.


  1. Very cute. You must be proud of your 6-pack. Amazing that you could even get all 6 of them to look your way for the photo. Great job.

  2. The hard part is getting the Hats on all at the same time and staying on!! Posing is the easy part. They are a bunch of hams.