Sunday, June 5, 2011


Today is Sunday and I have been working of getting my cell phone fixed with no luck. My phone is an on going saga. Great phone when it works but it has many situations. Went to T-Mobil and they said just order a new phone which I did but when I got home I decided to call T-Mobil customer care and add this situation to the list. Spoke with the REP and he said he would get back with me in an hour or less!!! Still waiting. Told me how to fix it which I did but still does not work. Lets see what they come back with when and if they come back.

In between I was working on a card for some friends that just lost their dog after only 9 years. Always a sad day. Hope the card expresses my concerns.

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  1. Such a pretty card and perfect for someone who has lost a pet. I like how you used your punch as well.

    Good luck with the phone! I have been hanging on to my nearly obsolete 2 year old phone because I am afraid of getting a new one that is beyond me! I use mine mostly to text my daughters to find out where they are. Mother's piece of mind,